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Presbyopic Lensectomy is a great alternative for patients who are seeking LASIK but are not good candidates because they are out of the treatment range. Lensectomy means the removal of the eye's natural lens that focuses the incoming and outgoing light rays. This natural lens is replaced with an acrylic high technology intra-ocular lens. This technology has been used around the world for many years and has recently become more accepted in the United States. It's popularity in the United States has been boosted because of the FDA's recent approval of deluxe intra-ocular lens implants that enable patients to see both at distance and at near without glasses. It is a great treatment for patients who require not only distance glasses, but near glasses as well.

FDA studies on the Presbyopic implant have shown that over 93% of patients will not need to wear distance or computer glasses and that over 84% of patients will not need reading glasses, whereas 100% of these patients needed distance and reading glasses preoperatively; and, since the FDA studies, as we have gained more experience, the results are even better! We also use these high technology implants in upgraded cataract surgery.