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Laser vision correction is a surgical procedure performed with an excimer laser to help patients who are nearsighted, farsighted or those with astigmatism reduce refractive errors and decrease their dependence on corrective eye wear, including glasses and contact lenses.

Laser vision correction is a broad term used to describe a variety of laser procedures, including ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation ) PRK and LASIK. All laser vision correction procedures are performed with an excimer laser, which is used to reshape the cornea, thereby correcting visual imperfections.

However, LASIK, and ASA PRK differ in their procedure methods. For example, LASIK eye surgery requires the creation of a corneal flap, a thin piece of tissue that is lifted from the surface of the eye to expose the stroma (middle layer of the cornea) for laser vision correction. The tissue is then placed back over the eye after the procedure and it heals within hours. However, some LASIK South Florida patients have naturally thin corneal tissue and may therefore not qualify for the LASIK approach. In that case, ASA (Advanced Surface Ablaton) PRK is performed. In ASA PRK the central portion of the outer layer of the cornea (the epithelium or skin) is removed completely after being loosened with an alcohol solution. The epithelial tissue is removed and allowed to re-grow after laser vision correction, and is held in place with a bandage contact lens until healing is complete.

Both procedures, including LASIK and ASA PRK involve the use of the latest excimer laser technology using the Allegretto Eye-Q 400 Excimer laser. To learn more about LASIK, and ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation) PRK in Ft. Lauderdale / Miami, please visit the respective pages on LASIK and ASA PRK.

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