LASIK – Laser Vision Correction

Is LASIK right for me?


Most patients that wear glasses or contact lenses are candidates for laser vision correction. However, the surgery will not treat the need for reading glasses at middle age (presbyopia). To find out if you are a candidate for Miami or Fort Lauderdale LASIK, you can contact the Braverman Eye Center here on line or calling us at 954-458-2112 or 888-954-LASIK to arrange for a consultation. Simply let us know that you are interested in the screening for laser vision correction.

You should know that laser vision correction is considered an elective procedure, not covered by most insurance companies. However you only have two eyes and the freedom from glasses and/or contact lenses that can be achieved with laser vision correction is well worth the Investment. At the Braverman Eye Center we have a variety of payment options to make laser vision correction affordable.

About the Braverman Eye Center

Over the years, Dr. Braverman has helped numerous South Florida LASIK and cataracts patients achieve astoundingly clear vision. Dr. Braverman and the team at Braverman Eye Center use highly advanced techniques and technologies to provide the highest quality care for Fort Lauderdale / Miami cataract surgery and LASIK patients.