Steven Alig

Steven Alig

PresbyLasik Patient & President of South Florida Web Studio
“After wearing glasses and contacts for 30 years, I had recently been prescribed bifocals to correct my near vision. Because of my astigmatism, corrective contact lenses, to address both near and far sightedness, were extremely expensive and not even a comfortable option for me. Working in online marketing, I spend most of my day in front of a computer screen and needed a solution that would make it easy and comfortable for me to work. Dr. Stanley Braverman suggested that I was a good candidate for Presbylasik. I opted for the procedure and could not be more pleased with my results. I have excellent vision both near & far and no longer require a need for glasses. Thank you Dr. Braverman for an Excellent Job Well Done!”


Michael F. Kelly – Lasik

“Dr. Braverman is singular in his eye surgery practice – – I teach Advanced Placement Literature at Krop H.S. and require good vision to read volumes of lit and grade endless papers. I highly recommend Dr. Stanley Braverman for Lasik surgery!”

Alma Mazar-Berrios-Jose Berrios

Alma Mazar-Berrios and Jose Berrios – PresbyLasik patients

“My husband was so happy with his outcome that he convinced me to have the procedure. I’m very happy not to have to wear glasses…I feel very grateful. Both of us have recommended Dr. Braverman to friends.”

Dr. David-Rouse

Dr. David Rouse – Past President of the Broward County Optometric Association and of the Florida Optometric Association- LASIK

“As an optometrist, I am very critical about the surgical skills of surgeons to whom I refer my patients. When it came to my own eyes and laser vision correction, I trusted that same person, Dr. Stanley Braverman at TLC. His surgical precision and expertise corrected my vision beyond my expectations. I had enjoyed the vision contact lenses and glasses gave me, but my laser vision correction gives me the improved quality of life that they could not.”


Eric Radzwill O.D. Optometrist – LASIK

“There is not one single day that goes by where I don’t think of the great fortune this surgery has brought to my life. I cannot help but be excited every time I see the ocean, or go swimming, or for that matter go anywhere and do anything uninhibited by glasses or contact lenses! It is like a great burden and crutch, which I depended on year after year, has been lifted. Laser Vision Correction was truly the best gift I have ever given myself.”

Dr. Meir-Ben

Dr. Meir Ben Nissan Optometrist – LASIK

“It’s a miracle!!!! It really is, and I want to thank Dr. Stan Braverman for giving me 20/20 vision on both eyes. I see better now than I ever saw with my contacts. I highly recommend this procedure to all my patients, friends and family.”


Stefanie Gerald – Miami LASIK Patient

“After 20 years of wearing contacts Dr. Stan Braverman has given me the freedom to see the world through perfect eyes. Compared to fighting fires LASIK is a walk in the park.”


Richard Lorenzo – Miami LASIK Patient

“I’ve worn eye glasses and contacts for fifteen years and I feel better and more liberated that ever before. I am extremely happy, Dr. Braverman is the best.”


Judith Imbasala – LASIK

“It has been one year since my LASIK surgery and I still can’t believe that I’m not popping contact lenses into my eyes every morning! My quality of life has definitely changed for the better. Thank you for making it possible!”


Lynne Peterson – South Florida LASIK Patient

“When Dr. Stan Braverman performed LASIK on me three years ago, I threw out my glasses and contact lenses for good… I don’t need glasses for reading or for distance… my only complaint – I didn’t do it sooner!”

About the Braverman Eye Center

The surgeons of Braverman Eye Center are well-known as Ft. Lauderdale and LASIK Miami specialists. These renowned surgeons have also helped many Ft. Lauderdale and Miami cataract surgery patients enhance their vision. Braverman Eye Center seeks to provide a safe, comfortable environment for South Florida LASIK surgery and cataract surgery patients during their procedures.