It is an honor to be selected to be the eye surgeon for a fellow doctor let alone a fellow eye doctor. Most cataract, Lasik and refractive surgeons have not operated on even one fellow eye doctor. The list below is only a small sample of the many eye doctors and medical doctors that have had their cataract surgery, PRK, or their LASIK Miami surgery performed by Dr. Braverman.


David Berndt MD- Cataract Surgery with Astigmatism Correction

Henry Cherrick MD, Former Dean, Keck School of Medicine, Univ. of Southern California – Cataract with Symfony Lens Implants

Dennis Fetch OD – Cataract Surgery Right eye with Astigmatism correction
“As a practicing Optometrist in the Fort Lauderdale area for many years, Dr. Braverman was certainly a name that was well respected in the profession. His cutting edge approach has been recognized by so many, such as the University of Miami School of Medicine and the Anne Bates Leach Eye Hospital/Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. That’s why he was my number one choice for my own cataract surgery.”

Andrew Fleischer MD – Internal Medicine – Cataract

Steven Fox MD Cardiologist – Cataracts with multifocal lens implants
Paul Jellinger MD– Endocrinology, former president of the American Endocrine Assoc.- Cataract with multifocal lens implants


Stephen A. Morris, O.D., Optometric Physician

“Dr. Braverman is not just a skilled surgeon, but he has an extra ingredient. He cares about his patients. I not only send my patients to him but he has also operated on my wife, my daughter and me and everyone I send says the same thing. He treats them as if they were all part of his own family.”


Roger Nydick MD – Family Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Medicine – Cataract with multifocal lens implants

“I have known the Braverman Eye Center for over 25 years, and watched my own mother go through the cataract procedure performed by Dr. Stanley Braverman, so the decision was a simple one. The premium surgery that I chose to correct my cataracts and severe farsightedness required Tecnis Multifocal Lenses with a relaxing incision to correct the astigmatism in both eyes, giving me good unaided distance and near vision.
I cannot say enough about the entire process. From the office staff to the way Dr. Braverman went over the entire procedure with me, it was a tremendous experience. Within two days, I was a changed person. It’s been three months now, and I am back to exercising and living my life to the fullest. I only wish I had done the surgery earlier!”

Dr. Stanley-Roever

Dr. Stanley Roever, O.D., Optometric Physician

“I have done Pre Op, Post Op, and follow-up care for Dr. Stanley Braverman. I have always been impressed by Dr. Braverman’s surgical results. Just recently it was my turn to be in the examining chair and on the surgical table and without a doubt, Dr. Braverman is one of the best in his field!”

Ron Samuels MD Neurologist – Cataract surgery with multifocal implants, both eyes

Fernando Stern MD, Psychiatrist – Cataract left eye

Trevor Swerdlow MD – Radiologist – Cataract


Stephen Venokur O.D., Optometric Physician

“Many of my colleagues recommended Dr. Braverman as their surgeon of choice. His reputation as a doctor with extraordinary surgical skills made my decision an easy one. Everyone at the Braverman Eye Center displayed professionalism and understanding from the start to the finish. I am extremely happy with my post surgical vision and will refer all my patients to Dr. Braverman for their Lasik and cataract surgeries.”

Melvin Whitfield MD Neurosurgeon – Cataracts with multifocal lens implants

Amery Wirtshafter MD, Urologist – Cataract with Astigmatism Correction and Symfony Lens Implant right eye

Selly Wolkov MD – Cataract Surgery with Extended Depth of Focus Symfony Lens Implant

About the Braverman Eye Center

The surgeons of Braverman Eye Center are well-known as Ft. Lauderdale and LASIK Miami specialists. These renowned surgeons have also helped many Ft. Lauderdale and Miami cataract surgery patients enhance their vision. Braverman Eye Center seeks to provide a safe, comfortable environment for South Florida LASIK surgery and cataract surgery patients during their procedures.