Rose Allbritton – Presbyopic Lensectomy

I want to thank you for taking the time to explain the Presbyopic Lensectomy procedure to my husband and I. I felt at home and that I am important to you. I can call and ask you anything and you and your office staff are there, no matter how busy. I am so very glad that I had it done. It has opened up a world of complete freedom for me. At school with children, whether on the computer or reading, or outside at recess, my eye-sight is great. No more foggy glasses in South Florida, Wonderful. Waking up and not reaching for my glasses, amazing. When I look into my eyes and feel young again, an extra bonus. I love you all.


Charly Rossin – Presbyopic Lensectomy

I do not have special words, other than “thank you” for giving me my sight… for the very first time! Since birth I was legally blind in my right eye and close to “the same” with my left (good) eye. Glasses could not even correct my vision good enough for daily tasks. Now at age 59 I literally have a new vision of my life. What a “miracle” for me. Life for me is so full of new possibilities.

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